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European Horse Trade

Whether you are still looking for that perfect hunter, jumper, or dressage horse, or you think you may have found one online: We can assist you in all stages of your horse search and purchase! For those of you in need of an official appraisal for a horse based in Europe: we also offer those services.

What we provide


Get your fancy European import that meets your specific wants and needs and let us deal with the selection process! We make finding a suitable horse in Europe a lot easier, and deal with all the hassle of vetting and shipping too!


Did you see a lovely equine partner online, but you just need to make sure it is represented correctly? Our independent buying services include trials and background checks. We witness and video the veterinary exam, and can take care of shipping.


Do you own a horse in Europe and need to get it appraised? Following the board of equine appraisers, we offer a complete appraisal service. Our appraisals are delivered by an experienced appraiser with in depth knowledge of comparing horse sales prices.

Horse shopping in Europe made easy!

Dutch horses

Our main fields of expertise are in hunters, equitation horses and showjumpers as well as dressage horses. The Netherlands is a key producer of high-quality warmbloods for amateurs and professionals alike! Of course, we also travel to find your next equine partner in the countries around us: Dutch, German and Belgian warmbloods are a staple here! In addition, we have a large network of Friesian stables, and know where to find the best New Forest and Welsh ponies!

Why choose us

  • We work independently and solely on behalf of the buyer.
  • Our fees are transparent.
  • Fully documented: including videos of veterinary exam and trial rides, show records and sales contracts.
  • Unrivaled expertise: horse search, purchase, and appraisals.
  • Many satisfied clients: testimonials and references.