Horse search

When looking for a horse, the list of questions, worries and open ends seems endless! Where do I start my search? How do I pick the right one for me? How do I arrange for vetting and shipping? Where do I find his show records and how do I know if the seller is trustworthy? Is the asking price reasonable?

At European Horse Trade we strive to make your European horse buying experience: easy, fun, and rewarding by being proactive, thorough, and transparent!

  • We guide you through all the steps: from selecting the horses to shipping the lucky one home.
  • You decide if you want to make a short horse finding trip, or rather buy off of video: our dedication is the same!
  • We invest our time in trying and selecting a group of suitable horses within your budget.
  • We work with a long check list, and will do a thorough background check.
  • We work completely transparent: no hidden fees or costs and direct contact with the seller.
  • Everything is fully documented: including sales contracts, vet reports and videos.
  • We work for you: the buyer. We have a very large network of reputable stables and trainers, so we can focus on selecting the most suitable horse for you.
  • If we manage to find a suitable horse for you, our fee is 10% of the sales price of the horse. This includes attending the vetting and organizing transport!